38 Years of Medical and Life-Science contract manufacturing. 56 Commercialized Products. 48 Happy Partners. One love for what we do. 


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Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd, founded in 1979  and one of the first FDA-approved contract manufacturing companies in India. Proudly Service

  • Life Sciences Medical Devices
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  • Physiotherapy Equipment
  • Slimming Machines
  • Spa & Wellness Equipment
  • Home Healthcare Devices


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Johari MedTech manufacturing pcb

Medical Electronics Manufacturing, High-Precision Mechanical Manufacturing, Disposable Manufacturing and much more. Our FDA/GMP Certified manufacturing Facility is here to help.

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johari medtech software development

Our DSIR-Recognized Research and Development group has been widely recognized for helping launch 40+ ideas into successful medical and life-science product solutions.

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Our Partner Ranks Us #1

johari medtech  vendor-Partner

After its yearly vendor evaluation, MP Biomedical had us ranked as their top vendor-partner. While the rest of the field averaged around 60%, we were the one and sole 100% partner. No rejections meant every product we manufactured at our house, reached and found a happy home. Time to celebrate.

FDA Rules

johari Medtech - fda clearance

It has been 27 years since we have gotten our first FDA clearance for class II medical device. It was one of the biggest accomplishments for Medical OEM in India, and one of the first recognitions of such kind. Almost 30 years later, on February 16th, we have passed FDA inspection with the same flying colors - no defects & 100% regulatory conformance.

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Class 10,000 Clean Room

johari medtech production

Our electronics manufacturing line is receiving an upgrade on its own. With the help and some magic from our friendly neighbors in Jodhpur Medical Technology Park, it is turning into a class 10,000 clean room.  The construction is scheduled to start on May 10th and be fully functional by end of the December 2016.

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Our Partners Say

Johari medtech testimonials - Mark Falkowski
I have worked with a number of public companies including GE Healthcare. Johari Digital was the perfect fit …. provided unbeatable service and system prototype…. won my trust with their experience and expertise, proven to be a dependable partner with their people and professionalism and lastly they have helped me innovate on product design and quality.
— Mark Falkowski, CEO @ Pyrexar Medical
Johari MedTech Testimonials - Nancy Campbell
The experience and relationship that Johari Digital have with the FDA has created a seamless, stress free process for me. From the first contact with Johari Digital I have been impressed with the commitment to manufacturing excellence. I can’t overemphasize how pleased I am with the whole process, communication and interaction with everyone at Johari.
— Nancy Campbell, President
Johari MedTech Testimonials - Donald Robinson
We’re very pleased with the impressions of JDHL and its Manufacturing facility in Jodhpur.
We were impressed with the level of understanding of Medical Device manufacturing practices, and particularly their openness to learn best practices from others (including the FDA), Overall, a very successful visit.
— Donald E. Robinson, VP @ Boston Scientific

Beyond Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing 

WinSTiM: concept to product

WinSTiM: concept to product

Our DFM team comprising of mechanical, electrical, software and bio-medical engineers is here to help you fully optimize your product for manufacturing. Whether you want to move your prototype into manufacturing, or reduce cost of manufacturing-ready product, we are here to help.

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Service Transparency

MP Biomedical @ our manufacturing UNIT

MP Biomedical @ our manufacturing UNIT

With our top company goal being 0-defects, we place a highest value to close integration and communication with our customers. In that spirit, we let our partners closely integrate with our manufacturing team and SAP-based processes.

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Stories Behind People

our holi colors

our holi colors

Our story has begun 37 years ago. Many things have changed since, but our mission and what we care about has remained the same. Check out our blog and get a personal and up-close look at why we do what we do.

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